Type to Learn: Importing Group Names

Import a list of Groups (Multiple Class Names)

This function is useful to ensure that groups (classes) are all named with a similar format. You can edit group names by clicking on the “edit group settings” button or import a new list. In the example below the last letter of teacher’s name and grade number is used to create group names.

Importing Groups

  1. Select the building you want to import a list of groups for (if your account has multiple buildings).
  2. Select the Building Groups icon from the Navigation Bar to your left.
  3. Click the “Import Groups” button.
  4. Create a CSV template with the heading “groupname” in column A. List your group names under this column. Optional column description for column B if you would like to add more information for example 2nd grade, 3rd quarter, etc.
  5. Upload the file by clicking the “Upload this file” button.
  6. Import groups by clicking the “Import groups” button.
    Once the file is uploaded you will see a added successfully message or an error message.
  7. Preview group names and click continue.
    Once you click continue you will be sent to the group view screen to then begin moving students to the new groups.
  8. View new groups added to the building.
    You can move users (students & teachers) from an existing group into the new groups or import new users into the new groups.

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