Type to Learn: How to Export Student Reports

To save a student report to an Excel file, click the Report Options button in the top-right of the table. You have the option to select "Export all data as CSV", "Export visible data as CSV", or "Export selected data as CSV".

Report Options Button

Availble options for exporting student reports.

Export All Data

Exporting "All Data" will include all rows and all possible columns in the spreadsheet, whether those columns are visible or not in the table. It won't matter if you filter the report data or remove columns, "Export All Data" will always save all rows and all columns.

Export Visible Data

Exporting "Visible Data" will only include the rows and columns visible in the table. Visible columns have a  ✔  before their column title in the Report Options menu while excluded columns have a  ✖  next to their name. In addition, if you add a filter to the table such as filtering by a certain grade, only the visible data is exported to the spreadsheet.

Visible or hidden columns

Export Selected Data

Exporting "Selected Data" will export the single row that is selected in orange. You cannot select multiple rows for export.

Export only the selected row

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