Splash Math: Frequently Asked Questions

Splash Math: Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is Splash Math?
    Splash Math is an adaptive and personalized math practice program for your child. Splash Math is designed to boost math scores and increase confidence in math.
  2. Who uses Splash Math?
    Splash Math is also used by over 25,000 teachers in their classrooms from Pre-K to 5th grade.
  3. Is Splash Math aligned to standards?
    Splash Math is aligned to Common Core curriculum. Splash Math team includes a team of curriculum design experts who ensure curriculum alignment and efficacy of content in Splash Math.
  4. How many questions are in Splash Math?
    Splash Math has no static "Question Bank". All Splash Math questions are generated programmatically, generating combinations of all possible numbers to be used as variables in the problem.
  5. How do students earn points?
    • 1. Accuracy points — earned for answering a question right - 10 points
    • 2. Bonus points for a streak of 5 consecutive correct answers - 25 bonus points
    • 3. Bonus points for a streak of 10 consecutive correct answers - 50 bonus points

    Points will be discounted by 50% for doing math that is below grade level. We want to encourage students to do math at-par the grade level. Please note that questions answered in the math facts section will not contribute towards Springboard scores. 

  6. How do classrooms earn points?
    Weekly Score: The weekly score of a classroom is total points earned by the students during the week averaged over the number of students in the class. Additionally classroom can also earn a "All Together Bonus". If all students in the class earn at least 1000 points each during the week, the classroom will automatically earn 200 bonus points, on top of the points earned by the students
    Overall Score: This is also known as the "Best 6 Week" score. The overall score of a classroom is the sum total of the weekly scores of the class in their best 6 weeks. This is done to ensure that classrooms who join the contest late or those which have to gone on a break in the middle of the contest, also have a fair chance of winning.
  7. What are the different prizes in Splash Math Springboard?

    Grand Prizes: Classrooms compete at the national level to win the grand prizes. These are based on classrooms cores. There are three grand prizes to be won (1st, 2nd and 3rd), which will be awarded to classrooms with highest "Best 6 Week" score. Read this article further to understand scoring.

    Challenge Yourself Prizes: These prizes are based on the weekly scores earned by the classrooms. Based on your performance and performance of other participants a target will set for each participating classrooms. If your class beats the target set for you, you win the prize, as simple as that!. Following are prizes in this category

    • Weekly Challenge: Classrooms can win Weekly Challenge prize every week by meeting the target score for the week.
    • Super Challenge: Classrooms that win three Weekly Challenge prizes will automatically win the Super Challenge prize.
    • Mega Challenge: Classrooms that win six Weekly Challenge prizes will automatically win the Mega Challenge prize.
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