edredi: Troubleshooting Misplaced Users in Different Organizations

Although it is normally encouraged to be mindful of the Organization Name at the top of the Organization Info Screen before sending invites, accidents do happen where a user is unintentionally invited to the wrong organization. 

What to do if the user has not registered yet

If the user has not registered an account with the edredi portal yet, promptly notify the user that another registration invite will be sent shortly, and be sure to indicate the correct organization name in the notification, so that the user knows which registration invite to look out for. if another registration invite can be sent before the user registers, it does help alleviate additional confusion.

What to do if the user is already registered on the edredi portal

If a user has already registered on the edredi portal, the user may still use their existing Username and Password even though s/he will be receiving an invite to another organization. Again, please notify the user that another registration invite will be arriving shortly and indicate the exact name of the Organization that the user can expect to see in the Subject line. Once the new registration invite arrives, please do the following:

1.  Have the user click on the specified link of the new registration invite. This will bring the user back to the edredi classcloud portal to confirm that the user was officially invited to another Organization.

2.  Have the user log in to the edredi portal.

3.  Once in the edredi portal, it may appear that there is nothing different and that the user is still in the same Organization. This because the user currently has permission for two Organizations and will need to make a selection. In order to do this, please have the user locate the Arrow icon in the very top right corner of the edredi portal. It should be right after the User's Name:

4.  Click on the Arrow icon. Once clicked, a list box will appear showing:

  • The name of the Organization the User is currently in,
  • The option to Switch Organization, and
  • The option to view the Organization Tree.

5. Have the user click on Switch Organization and select the name of the Organization that s/he is supposed to to be enrolled in. Once this step is completed, the user will now see that the name of the Organization next to his/her login name at the top right has changed.

After all the steps above have been completed, the user will now need to be removed from the previous Organization. Before proceeding, please note that only an account user who has been assigned either Admin or Owner permissions can remove a user from an Organization. If you've been granted either of these permissions, please do the following:

1.  Log in to the edredi portal and click on the Arrow icon next to the User's Name in the top righthand corner.

2. Please click on Switch Organization, and then click on the Organization that the erroneous registration invite was sent from.

3.  Click on the Name of the Organization to view its Organization Info Screen. When the Organization Info Screen opens, please scroll down the page until you locate "Users".

4.  Click on "Users" and let the list roll down. 

5.  Locate the name of the user who was accidentally invited to this Organization.

6. In the same row of the user's name is the option to "Remove" the user. Before you click on the minus-circle icon to remove the user, be sure that the icon that is being clicked is in the same row as the actual user intended for removal. if the wrong user is removed, another registration invite will need to be sent to bring that user back into the Organization. 

What if the User was Removed From a Previous Organization before being sent the Registration Invite for the Correct Organization?

If the user was removed from a previous Organization before being sent the Registration Invite for the correct Organization, the same steps should still be followed for adding an existing user to another Organization. The only difference is, when Step 3 is reached, it will actually appear as though the user is not apart of any Organization at all, which will quickly be rectified once Step 4 is completed.

If you continue to experience trouble, please contact

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