edredi: Unable to Return to edredi Side / Unable to Access Android Side

If tapping the Home Button somehow brings the Homescreen to the Android side, or if the device was unlocked into the Admin Mode, but the Home Button does not offer the option to select Launcher or edredi, the user may have accidentally selected Always for either the edredi orLauncher option. To undo this setting, please continue reading.

Correcting Defaults to Return Access to the edredi Side

To clear the defaults for edredi, first ensure that the tablet is unlocked. The open padlock image in the upper right hand corner of the device will indicate that the device is indeed unlocked.

For help unlocking your tablet, please see our Support Article

  1. With the tablet unlocked, tap on the clock to expand the Notifications Menu  in the lower right hand corner of the screen OR slide out the Settings Box by swiping the top right of your tablet downward.

  2. Then tap on the Settings icon that looks much like a switchboard (three lines with notches) to expand the menu. Then select "Settings".

  3. From the Settings, click on Apps. 
  4. Swipe the list to the left to until the word, ALL, is visible at the top (rather then Downloaded, as shown in the picture above).Once ALL is visible, swipe the list upwards until Launcher is found:
  5. Tap on Launcher, then slide the list upwards until the Clear Defaults Button appears.
  6. Tap on the Clear Defaults Button to clear the defaults for Launcher.
  7. Tap on the Home Button to activate the Options Popup.
  8. Select edredi and then Just Once.
  9. Lock the tablet.
  10. Unlock the tablet back into Teacher Mode as needed.

Correcting Defaults to Allow Access to the Android side

  1. Repeat Steps 1-3 as above.
  2. When you get to Step 4, look for edredi instead.
  3. Repeat Steps 5-10 as above.
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