edredi: Locking the edredi Tablet

The edredi tablet can be locked to prevent students from accessing content or settings that have not been approved by the teacher. When locked, edredi will block:

  • Websites that have not been authorized.
  • Applications that may already be installed on the device, but have not been approved.
  • Device settings such as Wi-Fi or screen timeouts, which might confuse students.

It is highly recommended that the tablet be in Locked mode when being used by students.

When the tablet is unlocked, the Padlock in the top right hand corner of the tablet will be open. 



Tap the Unlocked Padlock. In most cases, this will lock the tablet. However, if the edredi Launcher is not open, the user may be prompted to follow further steps.


If edredi is not the default launcher (i.e. the application that is opened when the Home  button is pressed), then you will be prompted to select it. Make sure to check the box labelled "Use by default for this action"  before selecting edredi

After completing this process, tap the Open Padlock to lock it. A pop-up message will appear, confirming that the edredi device is locked, and the Locked Padlock will appear on the tablet.

Once locked, the tablet can only be unlocked by someone with a password or unlock QrKey. See the unlocking the edredi tablet guide for more details.

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