edredi: Enrolling the edredi tablet into Your Organization

Enrolling tablets allows teachers to monitor and control them from the edredi Portal. It can also allow tablets to download potentially sensitive content, so enrollment should be restricted to approved devices only.

To enroll your tablets into your Organization, an enrollment secret is required in the form of a QrKey or plain text. If this secret becomes compromised (e.g. known to someone outside of your Organization), then it can be replaced using the Create New Token action on the Organization's Info Screen:

    1. Make sure there is a registered user account that is already associated with an Organization or that a Sub-organization has already been created under the Main Organization.

    2. The easiest way to enroll is by scanning a QrKey. Go to the QrKeys management page under Admin.


    3. Expand the Enrollment option (only available if user is logged in and a member of an Organization). This QrKey will allow the user to enroll the tablet into the Organization.             

    4. On the tablet homescreen, draw a circle to open the QrKey Scanner, which should start the built-in camera. Point this at the Enrollment QrKey on the portal screen or at a printout of the Enrollment QrKey so that the QrKey is within sight of the camera's frame. Hold the tablet still until the camera registers it. (Three green dots should appear and the edredi tablet will beep). 


      tip2.png QrKeys, in general, are better read when they are well-lit and placed flat, as well as when the camera is held evenly while facing the QrKey.
      tip2.png The size of the printed QrKey may also be a deciding factor for how near or far the camera needs to be from the QrKey while scanning.
    5. Once the tablet is enrolled, it should appear on View and the Information page on the tablet should say the Organization name in which it is enrolled.

    6. If for some reason the QrKey cannot be used to enroll, use the Create New Token link, which can be found on the Organization's Information Screen in the edredi Portal by clicking on the Organization Name found in the top right hand corner of the screen. An example is below:

    7. This will create a new Organization QrKey Token to re-enroll devices with.

NOTE: The Enrollment QrKey for the Organization can also be found in the Organization's Information Screen right above the Organization's Enrollment Secret as seen in the example above.

Unenrolling a Device

In order to unenroll a device from an Organization, the device must either scan another Enrollment QrKey so that it enrolls into a different Organization, or it must be unenrolled through the Device's Information Screen on the edredi portal. This option can be found in the Actions panel on the right, labeled "Unenroll Device". For more information on where to find Device Information on the edredi portal, please click here.

NOTE: Changing the Organization QrKey may also un-enroll devices previously enrolled to the Organization.

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