edredi: Connecting to Wi-Fi After School

If a child is bringing home an edredi tablet and needs to connect it to Wi-Fi, a QrKey can be created for the home network.  Click on the link below to go to a website that has a QrKey Generator for Wifi Access:


This website allows one to create a QrKey for your home network, or even for any open network that needs to be connected to: 

  1. SSID -  Enter the name of the network the edredi tablet will be connecting to.
  2. Password - Enter the password for the network, if there is one. If there isn’t, it’s okay to leave this blank.
  3. Network Type - Select the type of network the edredi tablet will be connecting to. “WPA/WPA2” is normally standard. If the network does not require a password, select “No Encryption” instead.
  4. QR Code Caption - Name the QrKey for future reference. This is optional.
  5. Generate Wi-Fi QR Code - When finished entering all necessary information, please click the “Generate WiFi QR Code” button.
  6. When the QR Generator is done, a new QR image will have been generated, and a link will appear saying “Download your Android WiFi QR Code”. The QrKey can be scanned off of the computer screen or can be downloaded and printed for future scanning. 
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