edredi: Getting Device Information on the Tablet

The edredi device's Information Page gives a range of useful information about your edredi device. You can open the Information Page by tapping on the 3-dot icon or Options Menu.  


The left hand panel lists some of the properties of your device. The right hand panel shows the name of the device as would be seen on the Devices management page, and some useful action buttons in the top right. 


The Wi-Fi Information button shows detailed information about the wireless networking that may be useful when troubleshooting.

  • The Settings button under Wi-Fi Information shows the proxy settings for the device.
  • The Refresh button refreshes the Wi-Fi information listed on the page.

The Download button downloads lesson content, and can even be downloaded in the background of your edredi device.

The Logs button shows the detailed device logs (depending on which tablet model you have) and may be useful in troubleshooting problems with the device.

The Trash button clears all the lesson content that has been downloaded into your tablet. Once cleared and the device checks back in, the last lesson that was sent to the device will re-download itself unless you send or scan another lesson into your edredi device.

The Refresh button updates the current page in case any of the device properties or network connection status has changed.

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