edredi: Grouping Devices

There are three ways to group devices:

  1. Through the Dashboard
  2. Using a Group QrKey
  3. Manually entering a Group Name through a Device's Information Screen on the edredi Portal

Grouping through the Dashboard

Grouping through the Dashboard allows you to do the following:

  • create new Groups
  • move devices from one group to another 
  • filter Groups
  • select Groups
  • remove devices from a group

To group devices through the Dashboard:

  1. Select the devices to be grouped.
  2. Click on "Create New Group" in the panel on the right under Groups.
  3. Enter the new name for the Group created.
  4. Once the group is created, the new Group name will appear in the panel on the right under Groups, allowing the ability to select a Group of devices by clicking on the name of the Group:


To move devices from one group to another:

  1. Select the device(s) desired from one Group.
  2. Right-click on the name of the Group that the device(s) will be moved to.
  3. When the menu appears, select "Add Selected". This will add the selected device(s) to that Group.


To filter a Group, just right-click on the Group name and select "Filter Group". This will filter out the other devices and just leave the selected Group for more focused activities:


To remove devices from a group altogether or to delete a group name:

  1. Click on the name of the Group to select the devices that will be removed from that Group.
  2. right-click on the group that the devices is being moved to and select "Add Selected" to add the selected devices to the Group.
  3. If all the devices were selected to be removed from a Group, then that particular Group name will remove itself after the browser has been refreshed.

Grouping Through the Group QrKey

Creating a Group QrKey will assign a tablet to a specific Group in the Organization when scanned. 

The Group QrKey can be created in the QrKeys Management Screen:


Just enter the desired name for the Group and scan. It will not only add the tablets to the Group, it will also create it in the Organization if the Group is not currently existing. 

This QrKey can also be printed by using the "Activate Print Mode" option that is located in the yellow Actions Panel to the right.

Grouping through the Device's Info Screen on the edredi Portal

If you click on the name of the device on either the Dashboard or from within the Devices Management Screen, you can add the device to an existing Group manually, or even create a new Group by entering  a Group name.

In the Device Information Screen, simply click on the pencil for "Group", enter a name and then click outside the box to save. The device is now added to the Group entered.


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