edredi: Device Login Accounts and Passwords

Before we begin, please note that your assigned role on the edredi Portal must be either Admin or Owner in order to create and/or change Device Login Accounts or passwords. Please refer to User Roles Defined for more information regarding this.

To Create a New Device Login and Password:

  • Let's start in the edredi Portal and navigate to the 3-barred icon > Admin Tools > Passwords. Click on Passwords.
  • Once in the Passwords screen, look to your right, where you will see the Actions Panel.
  • In the Actions Panel, click on the link called Add New Device Password.


  • When you click on this link, a box will appear, giving you the option to name your new Device Login as well enter a password.


  • After naming your new login and entering a password, remember to select the type of login this will be, Teacher or Admin.
  • Now go back to your edredi tablet, go to the Information page and click on Check Updates. This should update your tablet to include the new Device Login and Password.

To Edit an Existing Login and/or Password:

  • Back in the Passwords screen, click the Login you wish to edit.
  • Clicking on the Login will bring up the screen that shows the Login's information. In this screen, you can edit the Login Name by clicking on the pencil icon above your organization, making the desired change, then clicking outside the field to save it.
  • You can also edit the password by, again, clicking on the pencil icon next to Password, making your changes, and then clicking outside the field to save your changes.


  • NOTE: Once a login type has already been set, you cannot edit your Login Type afterwards, even if your user role is Owner. If you need to change the Login Type, you will have to delete the Login and Password by going to the Actions Panel to your right and clicking “Delete Device Password."
  • After making your changes, return to your tablet, go to the Information page and click on Check Updates. This should update your tablet to include your changes as well as delete old login/password information.

To Return to the Default Passwords:

If you find yourself locked out or teachers are having too much trouble remembering their Login passwords, you can return to the default passwords that were included with your initial purchase:

  • Return to the Passwords Screen and click a Login.
  • After clicking the Login, you will be back in the Login's information screen. Please look to your right where it says Actions Panel, and click Delete Device Password:


  • Please repeat this above process until all Logins have been deleted.
  • Go back to your tablet, enter the Information page and look to your right. Click on Check for Updates. This will ensure that your tablet's Login/Password info has been updated.

Once all the Logins have been deleted, your Logins/Passwords for your tablet will have been returned to the default passwords. To check if the default passwords have returned:

  • Please look to your left and click on QrKeys.
  • Once in the QrKey Screen, please find Login and click on the small arrow next to it.
  • After clicking the arrow, the QrKey Logins should roll down with Teacher and Admin QrKeys, even though there are no longer any custom Login/Passwords in the Passwords screen, confirming that your Login/Passwords are now back to the default. 
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