edredi: Charging & Monitoring edredi tablets

edredi tablets can be charged using the supplied AC adapter. The battery indicator shows the power status in either the bottom right hand corner or the top right hand corner of the tablet screen. 

Charge levels can also be monitored for all of the tablets through the edredi portal so teachers know whether or not the devices are ready for the day's lessons. How to monitor this will be explained later in this article. 


Connect the AC adapter to a main power supply and insert the charging plug into the Power Input port of the tablet. When the device is charging, the battery indicator on either the bottom right or top right of the screen will show a lightning bolt.   


The battery icon will "fill up" as the charge level increases. To get a more accurate reading for the charge, either tap the battery iconto see the % charge value or slide your finger from the top of the screen down to the middle to pull down the notification section to expand the information that also shows the same % charge value.


edredi tablets can be charged when idle. Depending on the model, it may also be charged while it is being used. Charging times vary, but it is recommended to allow least six hours for a full charge.

NOTE: When charging edredi tablets, some models may turn back on when connected to the charger. Because most models are also capable of being turned off after connecting to the charger, it is also recommended to delay powering the tablet off until after it's been connected to the charger. 


Once the tablets have been enrolled in the desired Organization, they will appear on the Dashboard under Table View. The Charge column tells the user the battery level and if the device is currently charging.  Devices_Simple_View.png

tip2.png If tablets are being shared with other teachers, it is a good idea to check the battery status of the devices before students begin using them. 
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