edredi: Connecting to Wi-Fi

edredi has built-in Wi-Fi for connecting to a local wireless access point.


The easiest way to connect to Wi-Fi is by using a QrKey. To create a Wi-Fi QrKey, complete the following steps:

  1. Log-in to the edredi Portal and navigate to the 3-barred icon > QrKeys.
  2. Click WiFi to see the WiFi QrKey generator. 
  3. Select the type of network under Network Type and add the details. This will automatically generate a unique QrKey [QR code] for your Wi-Fi network. Note: You may need to contact your IT administrator to find out the correct values to use. 

tip2.png If you are planning to connect a large number of tablets to your local WiFi, this method is the quickest.


To connect to WiFi manually, your tablet will need to be unlocked [Teacher Mode] to change the WiFi settings. To connect, complete the following steps:

  1. Open the Settings Bar Menu by swiping down the top-middle of the tablet screen. mceclip2.png
  2. Then tap on the Gear icon.
  3. When the Settings Menu appears, tap on Wi-Fi
  4. Make sure Wi-Fi is switched On. When Wi-Fi is active, a list of nearby access points [Wi-Fi networks] will appear in order of signal strength. 
  5. Tap the access point [Wi-Fi network] you want to connect to.
  6. Then a) enter the required password and b) tap  Connect . Once the access point is connected, a Wi-Fi signal indicator will appear in the Menu Bar at the bottom right corner.

If you experience any problems connecting to Wi-Fi, check the Wi-Fi settings screen for relevant messages. For instance, it may say  Authentication problem  if you have entered the wrong password.

If you still cannot connect, please follow the Troubleshooting Wi-Fi guide.

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