edredi: Switching On & Off

Some of these instructions are specific to edredi Acer tablets, so for other devices you may also require your original equipment manufacturer instructions.


  1. First, check to see if the edredi tablet is asleep by quickly pressing and releasing the Power button.If the edredi tablet was asleep, the screen should turn on and display the last application you were using.

  2. If the edredi tablet was off while it was charging, you may see a picture of a battery (which indicates current charge level).

  3. To switch the edredi tablet on, hold down the Power Button for at least 3 seconds before releasing. The edredi tablet  will start to boot up, which will be indicated by the Acer logo that appears.
  4. When the tablet has finished booting you should see the initial edredi screen followed by your current Lesson (if one is installed).



  1. Quickly press and release the power button to put the edredi tablet to sleep. In sleep mode, the edredi tablet uses almost no power and can be safely stored for long periods.

  2. If you want to turn the edredi tablet completely off, hold down the power button until a Power off dialog appears and press OK.



  • The legacy tablet won't turn on.

    Ensure the edredi tablet has power by plugging it in and checking to see if the edredi tablet boots up on its own or if the battery charging logo or animation appears. 

    Also check to make sure that the power button is held down for no more than 5 seconds or at least until the startup logo or animation appears. Once the startup logo appears, the power button should be released immediately. 

    If the power button is held down longer than 5 seconds or held down long after the startup logo has appeared, the tablet will automatically bypass the bootup process and go straight to emergency shutdown.

  • The legacy tablet won't turn on or off.

    If the screen appears to glow or be lit, but the screen is still black, it is possible that the tablet may be on, but not able to access the screen. You can do a "hard reset" by holding the power button for about ten seconds, which should turn the tablet completely off. Once it's completely off, try rebooting the tablet once more.

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