edredi: Upgrading the edredi version

The current version of the edredi software can be seen in the Version Info section of the Information Page. The version number is composed of three parts, but the final part uniquely identifies each version with higher numbers representing later versions. For example, edredi is the 159th release of the edredi software.

edredi can be upgraded (higher version) or downgraded (lower version) either through the View Dashboard using Advanced Controls or using the process described below.


The Devices Management page lists all the tablets that are enrolled in your organization.

  1. Find the device or devices you want to upgrade. If you can't see your device in the list, try enrolling it and checking again.

  2. The tickboxes in the right hand column control which devices you want to modify. Tick the correct ones or use the box at the top to select all of them.

  3. Press the Change edredi Version link in the Action bar on the right. This will open the version selection dialog.

  4. Open the Select Version combo box. You should select the highest version labelled Release, which indicates it has been fully tested.

  5. The Pending Version column for the selected devices will now show the version to install. This will only clear once the device has checked in with that version installed, which may take a few hours unless you manually initiate a check-in through the Information Page.

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