edredi: Network Shares

edredi can browse the contents of standard Network shares. To set up the Network Share:

  1. In the edredi portal, navigate to the 3-barred icon > Admin Tools > Shares.

  2. In the Actions box on the right hand side, click on Add New Share.The Add Network Share window will appear.

  3. Enter a name [sharedfiles] for the share in the Name box. It is recommended that the name entered here is short and easy to remember because this is the token that will be used later to create an edredi Resource that refers to the share.

  4. Once a name has been entered, click the Add Share button and the new share properties page will appear, ready to be edited, with the exception of the Organization field that has already been automatically filled:

  5. Click on the pencil icon next to Host, and enter the host name or IP address of the server which hosts the share. If using a host name for the server, please be aware that Android can only resolve the fully qualified domain name (FQDN) of the host. In general, it is usually easier to use an IP address.

  6. Click on the pencil icon next to Share, and enter the name of the network share. It is important that the share name entered is spelled exactly in the same manner as the share on the server.  

    If needed, a specified folder within the network share can be accessed by adding it to the share name using forward slashes. For instance, if the name of the network share is "MainShare", and the Folder Resource needs to connect to another folder located inside the network share called "SubFolder", then "MainShare/SubFolder" should be entered into the Share field.

  7. Click on the pencil icon next to Domain, and enter the name of the Domain needed to authenticate the username that will be entered in step #8. This value is only required if the username to be entered in step#8 can only be authenticated against the specified domain. Note: For Windows, entry should contain the NetBIOS domain name not the DNS domain name. This also applies when adding an LDAP account.

  8. Click on the pencil icon next to Username, and enter the name of the user to authenticate as with the server.

  9. Click on the pencil icon next to Password, and enter the password of the user specified above. Hit Enter to submit the password.

  10. Next click Resources in the menu on the lefthand side, under CONTENT.

  11. In the Actions Panel on the righthand side, click Add New Resource.

  12. The Add Resource dialog box will pop up to allow a name to be entered for the Resource. This name SHOULD NOT be the same as was entered in step 3 above. This is the name that will be shown to the user on the edredi tablet, so it is suggested that it should be clear and descriptive.

  13. Under Type, expand the drop-down list box and select Folder.

  14. Click Add Resource. The settings for the new Resource will be displayed.

  15. Click on the pencil icon next to Path. The text entered here should be the share name spelled exactly as it is in step 3, surrounded by angle brackets, i.e. < > For instance, if the share name specified in step 3 was MyShare, the Path entry in the Resource should be <MyShare>.

  16. Once this Resource is created, it can be added to any edredi Category as a Folder Resource. Please see the edredi support pages for more information on managing Categories.


  • Network shares will only work if your edredi tablet is enrolled in the same organization that the network share was created in.
  • The Path field for Folders set up to access the Network Share must match the exact name of the Network Share created on the edredi portal.

Formatting Hints

Below are helpful hints regarding the formatting of the credentials you will be entering for your network share in accord with the instructions above:

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