edredi: Student Accounts

Edredi can connect to existing student account servers to verify identity, discover network shares, and annotate submitted work. Student accounts are separate from tablet website user logins, which are only required for teachers and administrators.

Edredi currently supports Active Directory (or other LDAP systems) and a simple identity system that does not require passwords or an authentication server.

Adding Accounts

Accounts can be added from the  account management page  by tapping the  Add New Account link. Once an account has been added its properties can be edited and it will be listed on the account management page from which it can be edited. The types of account are:

Simple Account Type

Simple accounts allow students to enter their name without requiring a password. Their identity is not checked against any authority and is not verified in any way. This account type is useful for younger students who can't manage passwords or for environments where there is no identity authority, but identity would still be useful for annotating submitted work.

LDAP or Active Directory Account Type

LDAP accounts check student identity against an LDAP server and require that the user enters their allocated ID and password. LDAP servers must be configured with the fully qualified domain name (FQDN ) and server name (or IP address). More details  can be found here .


Inheritance and Precedence

Edredi currently only supports one account definition at a time and will use the first account defined. If a device does not find an account in the enrolled organization it will check the parent organization and so on. If no accounts are found, edredi will default to using a default Simple account type.

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