edredi: Enrollment Policy

Enrollment Policy is a security policy, set within the Organization's Information Screen in the edredi portal, to keep devices from being enrolled to Organizations outside of the school or district's Organization. If the Enrollment Policy is used, it will affect all sub-organizations and will require the device to be unenrolled through the edredi portal in order to be allowed to be scanned into other Organizations outside of the Enrollment Policy's parameters. 

  • <inherit>: Enrollment Policy specifications from the Parent Organization or higher will be inherited by the Organization. (This is the default option if no other actions are taken)
  • Allow Changes: Any device enrolled in the selected Organization/Sub-Organization is allowed to be enrolled in other Organizations/Sub-Organizations.
  • Prevent Changes: Any device enrolled in said Organization/Sub-Organization will not be able to enroll in other Organization unless the device is unenrolled first. 
  • Same Parent Only: Any device enrolled in said Organization/Sub-Organization can only be re-enrolled in another Organization/Sub-Organization that is under the same immediate Parent Organization.  Otherwise, the device cannot be enrolled in any other Organizations/Sub-Organizations that are not beneath the same immediate Parent Organization. 

NOTE: Enrollment Policy permissions are only granted to users with Owner privileges. 

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