edredi: Creating a sub-organization

To create a sub-organization, let's begin by signing into the edredi portal, and clicking on the arrow next to your login name in the top right:

1.  please click on the Organization Name after it appears in the dropdown: 

2.  From the Organization’s Properties Page, please locate the Actions panel on the right, and click on the link that says, “Create Subordinate Organization”. 

3.  A box should appear with the option to enter the name of the new sub-organization. Enter the desired name and click “Create”. 

4.  A message will blink above the Actions Panel to the right, to indicate that the sub-organization was successfully created.

In the Organization Properties Page, the new addition to the Sub-Organization list can be confirmed by clicking on "Subordinate Organizations".

To invite users to this new sub-organization, please review the article, "Inviting Users to Your Organization".

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