edredi: Selecting Lessons from Outside the Organizational Branch

If a user has access to multiple Organizations under different Branches (Organizations that are not directly above or directly below the user's original Organization):


the user is still able to select Lessons between these Organizations but with a few minor adjustments:

  1. First, ensure that the Lesson is published. If the Lesson is not published, there's a possibility that it may not become visible once selected into the other Organization:  


  2. Once the Lesson is published, keep the Lesson's Editing Page open: 


  3. Click on the Arrow in the top righthand corner next to your Username: 


    Then click on Switch Organization to select another Organization to go into: 


  4. Select the Organization from the other Branch and click "Select"
  5. Once you are in the other Branch's Organization, the user should see that the Lesson now has an Empty Star for selection: 


    Click on the Empty Star to select the Lesson into the Branch's Organization: 


Now that the Lesson has been selected into the other Branch's Organization, it can now be pushed to devices or copied and edited as desired.

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