edredi: Printing from edredi

Like many Android tablets, edredi does not have built-in support for printing. Instead users must rely on dedicated printing applications, usually made by the printer manufacturers themselves. Another option is to use a printing service like Google Cloud Print, which supports most printers, but requires users to log in before printing.


All major printer manufacturers make printing applications that can print to their latest models. Document format support varies between apps, but printing can usually be initiated either from the application itself or from the document editing application via a "Sent To" menu option.

Here are a list of the currently supported manufacturers with a link to their application in the store:

Select one of these Resources for your organization and place them in a convenient Category. For instance, use the Tools Category if you want students to launch the application directly, or use the Teacher Category if you only want the application to be available as a "Send To" option from applications like WPS Office.

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