edredi: Adding a File as a Resource

A variety of Resources can be added to the edredi Portal, including files. Files can be PDFs, ebooks, videos, PowerPoint presentations, Word documents and more. 


File Resources can be added from the Resources Management Page (3-barred icon > Resources). To add a file:

  1. Select the Add New Resource link in the Actions Panel on the righthand side.
  2. A popup box titled "Add Resource" will appear. Enter a name for the new Resource.
  3. Under Type, select File.
  4. Then click the Add Resource button. You will be taken to the properties page for that new Resource. 


  5. Fill in a brief description of the file. 
  6. When the new Resource Screen appears, select Upload File under the Actions Panel.
  7. When the Upload File window appears, click the Browse button and navigate until the desired file is located on the local hard drive.
  8. Once the file has been located, click the Upload button.

  9. Once uploaded, the file name will appear in the Files list on the Properties Page.

  10. Adding the file Resource is now complete. 

If the file requires other files or links to other files (such as a webpage that requires images), these files can be uploaded to the same Resource as well, but the main file that needs to be launched must be specified under Launch File, otherwise the first file in the list will be chosen.

tip2.pngEach learning object can have its own image icon. Image icons can be a great way to recognize certain Resources quickly and easily. Since there are so many different types of files, it is recommended to use icons that quickly identify the file format. 



If the file Resource requires many files, consider putting them into a single zip file archive. This archive will be expanded on the tablet and the specified Launch File will be opened.

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