edredi: Using QrKeys

QrKeys allows access to certain edredi features using the built-in camera. Teachers and students can change lessons, join Wi-Fi networks, or access websites as easily as taking a picture. They can also be used to unlock edredi tablet without exposing passwords in the classroom. 

Technically speaking, QrKeys are QR codes that contain special messages. Some QR codes, such as those for website and Wi-Fi networks, can be read by other devices, but others, for lessons, are specific to edredi


The QrKey scanner can be activated in two ways. Either trace a circle on the glass in a clockwise direction starting from the top...

...or tap the QrKey icon in the top right hand corner of the edredi tablet to activate the scanner. 



When the QrKey scanner has started the view from the rear camera will become visible on the screen. A red bar will appear in the middle of the scan area. Move the tablet to align the scan bar over the center of the QrKey until three green boxes appear. When the scan is complete, a beep will sound off, and the requested action will begin.

tip2.png Make sure the QrKey is well-lit and that the camera view is straight on (not at an angle). 

QrKeys can be created and Printed from the QrKey Management page located under EQUIPMENT in the edredi portal.


Since QrKeys are used primarily by students to pull in new lessons, first consider different ways to make them readily available. QrKeys can be scanned from digital displays as well as from print, allowing for great flexibility in using both modes. Here are some placement tips.

  1. Print out individual QrKeys and tape them to student desks.
  2. Print out and tape the QrKey by the door so students can scan their homework lesson at the end of the day.
  3. Print out all the lesson QrKeys and place them in a notebook. This is a great way for students who were absent to locate past lessons. 
  4. Copy and paste the QrKeys in a Word document to display them via an interactive whiteboard or LCD projector giving a larger display.
  5. Create a lesson bulletin board (with QrKeys) highlighting certain lessons and projects.
  6. Place lesson QrKeys on your website so that students can access homework assignments or past lessons.
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