Changing Lessons

Lessons are comprised of Resources that are organized by Categories. These Lessons are managed through the edredi portal. Lessons can be changed per device when connected to Wi-Fi. The current lesson can either be changed from the device itself or through the edredi portal website. 


QrKeys play an important role in pulling in new lessons onto the device. Each lesson has its own unique QrKey which can be scanned by each device. See diagram below to view the process.

To scan in a new lesson, complete the following steps.

  1. Find the new lesson you want to use from your own lessons or from the list of featured lessons and click the lesson image from the Lessons Management Page. Locate the lesson QrKey in the Actions Panel to the right. 

  2. Activate the QrKey scanner on your device, click on QRKey in the blue panel and point the scanner at the Lesson QrKey:


  3. If the Lesson needs to download or update, a notification of progress will appear in the device status bar.


You can also change the Lesson on one or multiple devices from the Dashboard in the edredi portal. 

To learn how to change Lessons from the Dashboard, please click here.

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