edredi: Using the Content Store

What is the Content Store?

The Content Store is a repository of Resources inside the edredi portal where users can select and utilize Resources within Lessons. While many of the Resources are apps, there are also available websites and files. Once logged into the edredi portal, user will see the Store button on the blue menu bar near the top of the screen.


Just enter a keyword and use the filters to find the Lesson, Category or Resource that you want to select.

How to Select Content for the Organization

To learn about and select content, follow the steps below.

  1. Click on either the Lesson, Category or Resource that you want to select.
  2. When the description page opens for the specific content, review the description to confirm appropriateness.
  3. Look for the empty star by its name and click it. 

  4. Once clicked, the star turns to gold, and the item is now selected for use in the organization. 

  5. Users can even go one step further, and click the "Add to Category" link below the Gold Star to select a Category to add a Resource to.

Users should now be able to go to the menu screen for that specific item and see the chosen item under "Selected By."

NOTE: Content selected from the Content Store cannot be edited, and will always be found under "Selected By" on the specific menu screen in the edredi portal.

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