Uploading Images

Uploaded images can be used as icons and background wallpapers for Categories and Lessons. Images can be added to your organization and managed from the Images Management Page:



Tap on an existing image to manage it. The image can be deleted by clicking on Delete Image link found in the Actions Panel on the righthand side of the page. Note that the background checker pattern is there to show any transparency in the image:




Use the Add New Image link in the Actions Panel to add a new image. The image will be uploaded to the edredi server.


The edredi parent organization has a number of stock images that are free to use for Resources, Categories, and Lessons. These are also listed on the Image Management Page along with personally owned images.



  • Dimensions: 1024 pixels by 768 pixels (for standard tableta) OR 1366 pixels by 768 pixels (for the XD)
  • File Format:  PNG, JPG.
  • NOTE:  If an image with a transparent background is desired, the file format will need to be in PNG.


  • Dimensions: 256 pixels by 256 pixels for Categories. Icons meant to be used for Resources can be a smaller dimension.
  • File Format: PNG is required for icons.
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