edredi: Copying Files

Copying files to and from the edredi device can be done from a personal computer, a USB memory stick, or an SD memory card.


Any desktop or laptop computer that supports mass storage devices can exchange files with edredi tablets using the included USB cable.

  1. Insert the smaller micro-SD connector into the micro SD port on the device. Then insert the full-size USB connector into a USB port on your PC.

  2. The computer should automatically detect the device and add it to the list of devices. From the Computer folder on the PC, the tablet should be mapped as a drive.

  3. Open the tablet drive which contains the internal storage folder.  

Be careful when adding or removing files that may be required by edredi or other programs.


Copying files between common locations on the tablet can be done using QrKeys. A file copy QrKey specifies source and destination paths. If the path is a single file, it will be copied to the destination folder. If the path is a folder, the contents of that folder and all subfolders will be copied.

A common example is copying the photos taken on all of the tablets to a USB memory stick. Because the files can have the same name (e.g. photo0001.jpg), the destination path includes the device name to ensure all the photos are copied to a unique location.

Use the QrKey management page to make custom file copy QrKeys.

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