edredi: Creating a Whitelist for an Entire Organization

The Whitelist option for an Organization allows an Organization and its Sub-organizations to share a common Whitelist. As long as the device is enrolled to a whitelisted Organization, any URLs within a Lesson that match the URLs in the Organization's Whitelist will be considered approved for access. 

It is recommended that if any particular website will be regularly accessed, particularly if placed within the Default Tools or Teacher Options of the edredi tablet, the website should be whitelisted at the Organization level. This is also recommended for an Android App that requires access to a specific website.

To create a Whitelist for an entire Organization and its Sub-organizations can share, please do the following:

  1. Sign in to the edredi portal.
  2. Next to the Login Name found in the top righthand corner, click on the Organization Name.
  3. Once the Organization’s Properties Page loads, please locate the field labeled, Whitelist URLs.
  4. Enter or copy-and-paste the URLs to be whitelisted for the Organization.
  5. After entering or pasting URLs into the Whitelist URLs field, click outside of the field to save the settings.whitelist_organization2.png

After these steps have been completed, users can create and repeat whatever number of Website Resources that use these URLs, without having to re-enter them into the Resources' whitelist fields. Please review Suggested Whitelist Methods when whitelisting websites for the organization.

 NOTE:  Be mindful of whitelisting entire domains, such as YouTube, that could allow students access to other video links and stray from the Lesson. 

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