edredi: Adding a YouTube Video as a Resource

YouTube Videos

YouTube videos work really well on edredi tablets and links can be made straight to the page for that video. However, YouTube comments (which appear underneath the videos) are not moderated and are often inappropriate for the classroom. We recommend editing YouTube links to the embedded version, which is full-screen and comment free.

How to find the embed version of a YouTube Video

After selecting the desired YouTube video, look below the video's frame look for the options below:

1. Click on Share.

2. Click on Embed, then click on Show More below it:


3. When the Code Window appears after clicking on Embed,  the option Show suggested videos when the video finishes should be unchecked.

4. Then highlight the URL between the quotes right after src= :


5.   Then copy and paste the URL into the Website URL field of your Website Resource, adding http:// or https:// in front of the pasted URL and adding ?rel=0 at the end to prevent video suggestions, if it isn't already there:

Understanding the difference between the Embed URL and the regular URL

With the regular URL, it allows the option to view other videos suggested at the end, as well as allows the option to select suggested videos to the right of the webpage.

What we are doing is actually removing watch?v= and replacing it with embed/ and adding ?rel=0 at the end to prevent video suggestions. Below are examples of a Regular YouTube URL and an Embed YouTube URL:

Regular YouTube Video URL

Embed YouTube Video URL with no suggested videos

tip2.png  If you uncheck the box for Show Player Controls as well, this will remove the play bar that appears at the bottom of the video. In this case, you will want to highlight the URL to include ?rel=0&controls=0& at the end. For example:


tip2.png  Now that the knowledge has been established, there is an alternative method of creating a URL that also removes comments and video suggestions. There is a very helpful website called ViewPure, that re-generates the YouTube video URL to do exactly that. Once generated, just copy the URL and paste to your Website Resource. Please visit and follow the instructions.

Privacy-Enabled Embed URL

The privacy-enabled Embed URL is an available option for those who may prefer it. This method is the same as the method above, but you would change the YouTube domain instead:

....instead of....

....change YouTube's domain to....

YouTube Video from a YouTube Channel's Playlist

YouTube Channels can be added as Website Resources too, but it is also better to use the embed URLs for the videos in the Channel's Playlist. To find the embed URL for a video within a Channel's Playlist, you must:

1.   Select the video that you want to get the URL for:


2.   Select "Embed" as indicated in the picture above.

3.   Ensure that the checkbox for  "Share with playlist starting from" is not checked:


4.   Go to the box below, look for src=

5.   Highlight the URL between the quotes right after src= :


6.   Then copy and paste the URL into your Website Resource, adding http:// or https:// in front of the pasted URL.

7.   Add ?rel=0 at the end to prevent video suggestions or ?controls=0 if you want to remove the player controls as well as prevent video suggestions, if it isn't already there:

tip2.png  At times, an actual video may need to be obtained from YouTube and then added as a File Resource. This would allow students to view the video without being on the Internet. There are a variety of free online services such as KEEPVID to download streaming videos. To use KEEPVID, go to and follow the two-step process. 

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