edredi: Adding Resources

Resources are the building-blocks of your edredi Lessons. A Resource can be a document, website, folder or an application. New or existing content can be added from the computer to the edredi portal. These Resources can come in different forms and serve different purposes. [See examples below] 



Resources can be added by clicking on Make in the Main Menu. To add a Resource, complete the following steps:

  1. Click Make in the Main Menu.
  2. Under Make New, Select Resource.
  3. Under Resource Type, select the Type:
  4. Under Called, enter the name you want to give the Resource.
  5. Click Make It.

Screen_Shot_2016-12-01_at_6.28.50_PM.pngAfter clicking Make it, the user will be transferred to the Properties Page for the new Resource.



Resources have some extra properties that might be useful, particularly if the Resource is going to be published:


Add an icon either by selecting one from an Organization's images or by clicking the Upload Icon while in the Image Selection Page. Icons are required to be in PNG format. 

Images for Category icons should be at least 160x160 pixels, whereas images that are meant to be used as Resource icons can be smaller, like 64x64 pixels.

tip2.png Image icons can be a great way to recognize certain Resources quickly and easily. It is recommended that the same type of image for specific documents and file types be consistently used. For example, if a YouTube video as a learning object, you could add the YouTube youtube_mini.png icon to help recognize this video among the other Resources. 


Tags are a way of categorizing Resources, particularly when doing a search.  To tag a Resource:

  1. click the Edit Tags link under the Actions Panel.
  2. When the page opens, select the appropriate tags for the Resource.
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