edredi: Creating Lesson Models

Within the edredi portal, designing Lessons play an important role in how Lessons are presented to students.  The portal provides a great vehicle in designing and creating different lesson models that address the teacher's instructional as well as students’ academic needs. It allows the teacher to collect and organize his/her Resources such as documents, websites, videos and images into Categories organized by type of resources, student group, activities and student projects.

Whether an elementary or a secondary teacher, either would have great flexibility in how the teacher organizes and presents his/her edredi Lessons to his/her students.  A common Lesson model is creating one Lesson where the Categories of apps, documents, videos, etc. are specific to the lesson topic.  See the Elementary Lesson example below.

Elementary Lesson Model (One Lesson)
This model illustrates one lesson revolving around one student lesson or unit.


The types of lesson models are endless. Here are some other lesson models to consider.

Elementary Lesson Model (Daily Lessons)
This model illustrates a list of student activities for each day of the week. 


Secondary Lesson Model (One Teacher)
This model illustrates a series of lessons organized by daily periods.


Secondary Lesson Model (One Team)
This model illustrates a team approach to presenting student activities and resources by teacher/subject. Note: For teachers to share the same Lesson page, they would have to be in the same Organization.


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