edredi: Default Lessons and Categories

Teachers can set Default Lessons and Default Categories from the Organization's Properties Page within the classcloud portal. Default Lessons and Categories can only be set by users with Admin or Owner privileges. This feature allows Organizations to easily set wallpapers and icons that may be used most frequently. 

Default Lesson

Using the pull-down menu, teachers can select any Lesson that has been created or selected within the given Organization.

  • By selecting a Default Lesson, the Lesson will be automatically installed to the tablet after enrolling an empty device (has no Lessons on it) to the Organization.
  • The wallpaper within the Default Lesson will become the new default wallpaper for new Lessons created within the Organization. 

Default Category

The pull-down menu shows all of the Categories that have been created or selected within the Organization. 

  • By selecting a Default Category, that Category's icon becomes the Default Category icon for all subsequent Categories created within that Organization. 
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