edredi: Firewall Configuration

edredi uses various channels to communicate with the central Connect servers and the View Dashboard. To enable the full functionality of the edredi tablet, one should ensure that the network implements the firewall exceptions described below, as well as have the devices on the same subnet as the computers that will access classcloud.

To check if the network is compliant, use the on-device troubleshooting guide.

Domain URL Whitelist


Depending on the formatting requirements for the firewall's configuration, it may be necessary to include both the http and https versions of each website.

IP Whitelisting

Note: only use IP whitelisting as a last resort if no other options, such as URL whitelisting, are available.

IP whitelisting is more complicated because edredi uses a range of cloud computing services to ensure high quality service, which by their nature do not use single static IP addresses. The range of IP addresses likely to be used by edredi can be found here:

Unfortunately the IP range for Amazon S3 is not public, so we maintain a best-guess list here:   -       CIDR: -     CIDR:   -       CIDR:   -       CIDR:

Google Cloud Messaging

The following outgoing ports should also be open to allow Google Cloud Messaging:

  • 5228
  • 5229
  • 5230

These ports are also used by Google to install applications from their Play Store.

Time Synchronization Service

Synchronization of the on on-device clocks is one using the Network Time Protocol, which requires outgoing access via port 123.

Classview Access

If Classview has been purchased, it will also need the following ports opened as well:

  • 37395
  • 37396
  • 37397


All ports should be set to TCP except for the Time Synchronization Service (NTP) that needs access to the internet on port 123 using UDP.

Advance Troubleshoot

Verify that the ports are open through

Go to Custom Port Test and Scan the ports you are having trouble connecting to.

If the ports report as closed, please contact your Network Admin to open those ports. 

If the ports are open please make a detailed ticket through


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