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Studio Web is both a web based classroom automation app, and a set of courses. Studio Web’s courses combine videos, projects and extensive quizzing that reinforces the content taught in the video lessons. Studio Web uses a spiral teaching method.

The quizzing is a mix of multiple choice and code challenges, that has students interacting with the lessons in a gamified learning setting. Students earn points and badges as they unlock levels, helping with engagement and retention.

  • Includes 57 assignments / projects and a project grading rubric 
  • Lessons are based on the spiral teaching method and are open ended for maximum flexibility
  • Includes 7 suggested classroom activities
  • Includes professional development videos. Teachers get up and running with 1hr of prep
  • Includes bonus video content for gifted learners
  • Includes and easy to follow QuickStart Guide
  • Same day phone and email support
  • Automated grading by course, chapter and lesson - exportable to Excel format
  • Courses created by experienced educator and published author

To learn more about "Why Teachers Love Studio Web" click here.

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