StudioWeb: Minimum System Requirements

Minimum System Requirements for Studio Web

  1. High speed internet
  2. Modern web browser - Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge
  3. Code editor

Studio Web can be used on Apple, Windows, iPad, or Chrome devices.

Code Editor:

Note: Code editors are apps (software) that coders use to write code. They have capabilities that make coding easier.

There are many free and nearly free code editors you can choose from. StudioWeb demos code in Sublime Text. A fully capable demo version of Sublime Text is free in perpetuity - it is just ‘nagware’. Just tell the students that after every 5-6th save of a document, Sublime Text will ask you to buy it. Just click no and you will be fine. If a student selects ‘yes’ they will be directed to buy the software. They can just cancel if that should happen.

That said, you can use any code editor to work with StudioWeb with no problems.

Code editor download options:

Sublime Text - for Windows and Mac:

Notepadd++ for Windows:

Brackets for Mac and Windows

Caret for Chrome and Chromebooks:

TextWrangler for Mac:

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