StudioWeb: Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about StudioWeb:

1. What types of courses are offered by StudioWeb?

  • StudioWeb offers in-depth video courses that teach HTML5, CSS, PHP/MySQL, Python and JavaScript. 
  • More information on courses can be found here.
  • Project courses teach students practical real-world development with small scale web projects.
  • Exam courses comprise of multiple choice questions only and cover material from other courses.

2. Does StudioWeb provide any evaluation and/or certification?

  • StudioWeb offers quizzes and evaluations at the end of each lesson. Certification are available for students who complete a full course and pass the certification exam.

3. Can students access Studio Web at home?

  • Yes, StudioWeb is a cloud-based software with unlimited 24/7 access.

More information about StudioWeb.

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