Top Ten Ways to Use Speakaboos in Your Classroom


Top Ten Ways to Use Speakaboos in Your Classroom

  1. Foster Independent Reading: Child-directed interface allows students to choose stories around their favorite characters and explore multiple reading modes.
  2. Guided Story Time: Teachers can display Speakaboos on an overhead or smart board for the class to read together.
  3. Use a Reading Station: Allow students to visit a Speakaboos reading station during free time, Daily 5 instruction, or as a reward.
  4. Introduce a Topic: Your class can use our stories to introduce new subjects; such as watching All About Bugs to kick off a science chapter about bugs and insects.
  5. Reading Intervention and Reinforcement: Help reluctant or remedial readers cultivate an enthusiasm for reading by letting students learn at their own pace. Each story is backed by extensive formative research and our reading scaffolds support a child's specific reading ability through distinct Read to Me, Read & Play, and Read it Myself modes.
  6. Reinforce Literacy Skills: Rich vocabulary presented within each story and contextualized through animation and interactivity build vocabulary acquisition, word association, language learning and fluency.
  7. English Language Learning: Speakaboos is a great tool for students who are learning English as a second language with a core focus on reading comprehension and vocabulary acquisition.
  8. Special Needs Instruction: Speakaboos provides a visual, hands on approach for students of all levels to develop literacy skills in phonics, vocabulary, fluency, and comprehension.
  9. Musical Break Activity: Our songs (such as Jump and Home Run Ronnie) are a great way to quickly get kids active, out of their seats, and moving around while teaching curricular concepts in a fun way.
  10. Maintain Reading Gains during School Breaks: Use Speakaboos to help bridge the gap that often occurs over summer, winter, and spring break vacations by sharing with parents to use at home and keeps kids reading all year long! 



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