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Connected devices & sensors are in homes, cars, & even clothes. We bring new IoT tech to your makerspace.

Your makerspace isn't complete without SAM Labs
SAM Labs STEAM Kits provide students with “smart” building blocks and an intuitive interface to creatively connect and interact with technology. SAM Labs is real technology that gives students an environment to problem solve and truly “connect” with technology. SAM Labs Educational Bundles include everything needed to add the possibility of a million inventions to your makerspace or classroom.

IoT isn’t a modern typo or slang for “Information Technology”. No, IoT (or, the “Internet of Things”) is a simple description for the technology-based world we live in today. More importantly, it is the best adjective to describe the ultra-connected world our students must be able to first survive and then thrive in. Internet 2.0 is here and instead of simply sharing our information, conversations, commerce, and entertainment online, today’s Internet is the foundation for a powerful infrastructure connecting devices and people using those devices everywhere.

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