SAM Labs: Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions and troubleshooting on SAM Labs:

  1. How long do the batteries last? The battery life of each block varies. Each block is wireless and connects with Bluetooth 4.0. Sensors’ batteries last up to 1 week depending on use. An actor on average runs from 30 minutes to 1 hour depending on usage. Easily keep your wireless blocks running continuously by connecting them to the charger.
  2. My computer can't detect any of the blocks on the computer Here is a list of questions that you can answer before proceeding: 1) Are your blocks connecting in the app at all? 2) Are the blocks turned on (do you see a red light?)? 3) Have you tried resetting the blocks (hold down the power button until white light flashes)? 4) Do you have a Bluetooth Dongle plugged in?
  3. How long does each block need to be charged for, and how long will they last? 1) The blocks don't need longer than 30-40 minutes to be fully charged. 2) The blocks will turn from red to green when they're fully charged, but mind that when you unplug the block from the charger and turn it back on, the block will turn red to signify the power is on - this doesn't mean it's out of battery. 3) Each block is different, but all have battery saving modes that activate after 20 minutes without use. The blocks should last anywhere from heavy use at a few days, to infrequent use of a couple months.
  4. My modules are not pairing after I have turned them on and off. Is there anything else I can do? Try resetting the wireless block. Hold down the power button above the SAM logo (the circular imprint on the elastomer band) until you see a white flash inside the module. It is important to know it will only flash when the red light turns off while holding it down for 10 seconds. You may be out of fuel! Try charging the wireless blocks. You may need to plug in your Bluetooth 4.0 dongle provided in our 6 different kits. This is always necessary if you are using Windows, and only necessary on Mac if you do not have the latest version of Bluetooth. If you purchased single blocks, you can get a Bluetooth dongle on

  5. More frequently asked questions and troubleshooting can be found at SAM Labs Support.
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