MathSpace: Getting Started

MathSpace: Getting Started

There are three main steps to getting started with Mathspace.

  1. Create a class by selecting the drop down tab “Add a New Class”.
    • Type title of class 
    • Select curriculum: National, State, Higher Ed (see more info below).
  2. Adding Students by selecting the admin tab.
    • You can add students individually, class code, or URL.
  3. View curriculum from the Topics, eBook, or Curriculum Tab and begin assigning content and tasks to students.

Curriculum in Mathspace:

National: CCSS5, CCSS6, CCSS6-8, CCSS7, CCSS8, CCSS Accelerated 7, CCSS Accelerated 8 Algebra I, CCSS HS Algebra I, CCSS HS Algebra 2, CCSS HS Geometry, CCSS Integrated Mathematics 1, CCSS Integrated Mathematics 2, CCSS Integrated Mathematics 3, Financial Mathematics, NASA Space Math, US Beginning Algebra, World of Math USA.

State: AZ, CA, FL, IN, MD, NY, TX, UT, VA

Higher Ed: Basic College Mathematics, Calculus I, College Algebra, Intermediate Algebra, Pre-Algebra, Pre-Calculus (extensive), Pre-Calculus, Trigonometry.


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