CodeCombat: Getting Started

There are four easy steps to getting started with CodeCombat:

  1. Creating a Class
  2. Adding Students
  3. Assigning Courses
  4. Downloading Resources

Have your students begin their coding adventure!

1st Step: Creating a Class

  1. Click the “Create a New Class” button.
  2. Type in the name of the class and description (optional).
  3. Select the programming language Python or Java (once students join your class the language can’t be changed).
  4. Select Average Student Programming Experience (optional).
  5. Enter Student Age Range (optional).
  6. Click the “Create Class” button.

2nd Step: Adding Students: 
You can add students three ways into CodeCombat upon selecting your class.

  1. Give students the class code
  2. Give students the class URL
  3. Invite students through their email

3rd Step: Assigning Courses

  1. Enter “My Classes”
  2. Select the class you want to assign courses to
  3. Scroll down from Class Overview to Student Tab
  4. Select All or Individual Student’s boxes (check marks appear)
  5. Select the course you want to assign
  6. Click the “Assign to Selected Students”

Assigning a course after the Intro to Computer Science Course will automatically apply your paid license to the student. You can also select the “License Status” tab in your class to view your licenses and apply the licenses without assigning additional courses to students.

4th Step: Downloading Resources

You can download solution guides, curriculum guides, AP Principles, Quick Start Guides, Syntax Guides, and so much more by selecting the "Resource Hub" from the home screen or the teacher dashboard.

Have your students begin their coding adventure!

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