BookNook: Frequently Asked Questions

BookNook: Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is BookNook Learning's curriculum aligned to?
BookNook Learning is aligned to F & P (Fountas and Pinnell Instructional Levels).

2. What devices are BookNook Learning supported on?
BookNook's cloud-based platform can be accessed by any kind of tablet, Chromebook, laptop, or desktop computer with a current Chrome or Safari browser.

3. How many devices can be used during a guided reading session?
A guided reading session can have up to five devices (one Guide and four students).

4. Who can be a Guide?
Guides can be the classroom teacher, instructional aides, assistants, co-teachers, other students, or volunteers like parents, family members, or community members.

5. Can a teacher be an admin and a guide?
Yes, a teacher can be the admin and can also start a session with students as a Guide.

6. Who can view data, student information, and guide information?
Only the Admin can view data and see information on students and guides.

7. Who adds students and guides to the program?
Only the Admin can add students and guides. Guides have to be given access to students in order to run a guided reading session.


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