BookNook: Reporting

Reporting for Class and Individual Students

Data in reports can be shown from the past 7 days, 30 days, or 90 days. Data is displayed in Key Metrics, “I Can” Standards, Fluency, and Confidence & Engagement.

Reporting collects data on:

  • Key Metrics: Number of Sessions, Number of Students, and Average Session Time (Minutes).
  • “I Can” Standards: 
    • I can ask and answer questions about what I read, and go back to the text and illustrations to support my answer. 
    • I can describe steps in a procedural (how-to) text, using sequence words (first, next, after, etc.).
    • I can retell stories in my own words. 
    • I can answer questions to show that I know what I read. 
    • I can answer questions about a text by referring to words and phrases in the book. 
  • Fluency: Expression, Phrasing, Pace, and Accuracy
  • Confidence & Engagement
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