BookNook: Understanding Roles

BookNook: Understanding Roles

BookNook allows small group reading instruction to be guided by a teacher, volunteer, parent, or another student. There are three roles within BookNook: Admin, Guide, and Student.

Admin Experience: The admin has the ability to add students and guides, grant guides access to students, and view reports; along with running a guided reading session too.

Guide Experience: The guide has the ability to start a guided reading session with the students that they have been granted access to. A guided reading session can be presented in three formats: Full, Comprehension, and Fluency. 

  • Full: Guide Read, Student Read, and Main Lesson (45 minutes)
  • Comprehension: Guide Read and Main Lesson (30 minutes)
  • Fluency: Guide Read and Student Read (20 minutes)

Student Experience: The student participates in an interactive puzzle or challenge while waiting for the guided reading session to start. The student then participates in one of three guided reading session formats, completes a self-assessment, and plays a vocabulary reinforcing game at the end of each session (if time allows).

Click the links to learn more about each role's experience (Admin, Guide, & Student) in BookNook. 

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